what should i do with things that don't sell?

the photographs, i just put them away for another day,
and with jewelry i tend to just take the pieces apart and use the parts for other things.

but what am i supposed to do with graphics that don't sell?
on etsy (i don't sell graphics on artfire), my "expired listings" page is chock full of graphics that haven't sold.
i tend to only let the graphics stay for 3 renewals, which is a year. (4-month listing times x 3 times = 12 months)

so really, i'm kind of stuck.
because i like the graphics. i made them, of course i like them.
some of them are etsy sets, some of them are business cards, some of them include both.

i'm thinking i might just give them away.
the more simple sets, just a really simple "do you wants it? be poster #x".
the more complicated ones maybe have the give-them-away a little more complicated.

so, the first thing i'm going to give away is «drumroll plz»

The Houndstooth Toad
a double-sided business card, with houndstooth pattern falling off both sides.
on the front, there's a nice green froggie in the corner, keeping your text company.

the text can say absolutely anything you'd like. i plan on emailing not just the finished .pngs/.jpgs, but i'll be sending the .psd (photoshop file) as well.

to win ::


i'll do a randomly number generated draw at about this time tomorrow.
so remember, the more comments you make, the better chance you've to win.


since there were only 2 entries, i had my brother do eenie-meanie-miny-moe, and the winnar is ::


off to email the winnar~ :D

Something new, for a change

so i've recently figured out that ::
1- i like graphic design (durp)
2- i like packagings
 2a- i like searching for and looking at packagings

this has led me to a conclusion ::
i should go into package design.
tin tops and earring cards for the Jewelry :ninja!
the packaging for theplushiefoundry
because it's fun for me to design packaging for nearly anything, really.
i'm always looking more at the packagings than at the products themselves, honestly.
i like the graphics on old paint cans from the 60s and 70s, and i like something that is both functional and attractive. i think that the packaging can totally make or break how a piece of art or a gift or even a box of supplies is received.

to that end, if you're in need of a packaging overhaul, i'd love to help you out.
i'll work with you to get your packaging looking awesome, and i'll even search for the required parts and give you a list of what, where, how many, and for how much.

seriously, this is like playtime for me, and i'm not charging anything for this, so if you need/want new packagings, let me know! :D

*leave an email or etsy/artfire username and i'll convo/pm.


is holiday times nao?

oh, it is. ^.^b

ok, then.

i think i want to give everyone a presento.

i don't really have any xmas themed arts hanging out, but if you like some of my arts, you can get it 30% off from now until epiphany (jan 6th), in my artfire shop AND my etsy shop.
the code for both is holiday30, and you just put it in at checkout, and the % will be automagically taken off.

and since that's not really a gift gift, here's the one i really wanted to give away ::

if you'd like some graphic design done, i'd be more than happy to do some for you. free.
what i will do for free ::
banners / avatars
simple blog layouts (like what i have here, or either of my other two)
business card designs (minicards or full size [moo or vistaprint proportions.])
earring card / sticker designs (stickers come in sets of 6)

leave your etsy/artfire username or another way to contact you in the comments.
i promise, it'll be free.
(though, to be fair to myself, if you want more than 2 of those things, i'll have to start charging you, ok?)


the wondering gripes

i has them.

what are the wondering gripes? they're wonderings that double as complaints.


why does the ink never run out all at the same time? (ok, i know why it doesn't, but really? what the hell!?)

is it possible that there's some kind of world conspiracy that no papercutter ever is actually plumb and square? because i have 2, and my sister has like 80, and none of them are actually both plumb and square. they ALL cut on an angle.
(to wit - the fuh?!?)

does anyone else's blogger, when writing/editing entries, do this?
when i hit enter, to go to the next line, the caret (little vertical line indicating where the typing will happen) ends up back at the start of the first line, but the typing happens where it should. what's up with that?!

also, why does printer ink have to cost so damn much? really. i have a 5 color printer.
each thin little bar of ink is 16 and change. 16 times 5 is a lot (~82), is all i'm saying.

who told all these people that they can do what i do? (and for some: who told them they had any talent for it? O.o ) who told ME i had any talent for what i do? (i really can't remember if anyone ever did. not sure anyone did, except saying 'ooooh, pretty, yobo!' when i showed them what i made.)

why won't my xmas-ornament tree idea work? the idea is sound, but the execution is apparantly terrible. so it's not a tree anymore, it'll be a garland. and i'll once again be covered in red craft herpes*.

25 is really too much for a handmade telescope? really? (i think it's too cheap, even though the 'scope is made of cardboard. it took me a lot of time and work to make that!)

why is it that a 1 and three-quarters inch paper punch doesn't seem to exist? i kind of need one. like, a lot. (as in, before i have to take an xacto knife to my earring cards again, goddamnit.)

when will i ever learn to leave well enough alone? (this applies to both papercutting and dealing with people.)

is pandora.com a mindreader? because when i turn it on, it tends to have the song currently stuck in my head as it's first one up.

why do i only ever remember my clear labels and my printer after i've started writing? (my handwriting is useless. it's this nearly unintelligible scrawl. i've been told i should be a physician so that i have an excuse for the penmanship. [i'm not joking.])

that's all the wondering gripes i've got for now.

actually, 1 more :: why is it 1antimeridian? i gotta go sleep. (damnit.)

*glitter is the herpes of the craft world.

Moar new things!

well, moar new-to-kitty things.

trying out an artfire.

'tis here :: http://CameraforKitty.artfire.com

and to celebrate the fact that artfire lets you use coupons (omg, i can't TELL YOU how awesome i find that.), here is one :: SKY AT DUSK B2G1
this code will let you get all three of the prints in this series ::

but you'll only need pay for 2 of them. :D

a little info on the prints :: they're 5x7, on glossy photopaper, and signed/numbered on the back.

plus, you'll get to have one of my fancy new business cards. (did i tell you about them? they're kraft paper and cardstock and made of awesome incarnate.)

aren't they awesome? ok, i know they don't have anything on them yet, and they look like notecards (which are also cool), but i love lovelove them.

but anyway, that's all my news, see ya!

Trying something new

well, new-ish.

Camera for Kitty now has a soopsee account. it's not as pretty as the blog, but it's close, and that's what counts, i think.

it's free, so i figured "Why Not?", and couldn't think of an answer, so there it is.

or rather, [here it is].

there's also a funky green thing over there in the grey box. looks a little like a paint splatter, ne? i think we might have to change how that looks. the green just doesn't work with all the red, quite frankly. i already have an idea for how that should look, so it'll probably be decidedly not green by the end of the night.

please, feel free to comment and tell me what you think of it! i can't decide if i like it or not.

i don't like that i'd have to pay to have sections, but it's still cheaper than etsy itself, so maybe i will when i get dollars. or maybe i'll just buy a whole friggin' website for it. i know how to do all that anyway, and it's hella cheaper than etsy overall (if you wants a site, and know how to blog, email me! i can probably help you with that.).

at any rate. tell me what you think?

a foul plan's afoot!

it's not mine feet, i just vashed them!

if you know where that's from, you get cookies.

in other words, however, there will be changes in the store soon!

first newsies :: To Do list pads!
these are planned for october, probably early to mid.
there's going to be 2 sizes. a super huge 8.5x5.5, and a smaller 4x5. however, due to printing sillies and paper sizes, those dimensions might change. there'll be a few designs to choose from (on the left is the Washington Monument some little sushis), and if you'd like to test them for me, leave a comment with an email! ^.-

second newsies :: i'm planning on making and offering super cool homemade postit notes!
they'll be 2x2, and if i'm lucky, they'll come with a pad of 4x4 cardstock notecards, in coordinating designs. doesn't that just make you feel so awesome and special? you could have postits and notecards that would totally match your room, or even your business. i think that's pretty awesome, anyway. these are planned for late october, because they're a bit more labour-intesive than the list pads.

that's all for now!
ciao, miao!

Fira-Werkin! :D

nearly a full month since my last writing, and rather late for the 4th of July (i even missed Bastille Day! :O), kitty and i are back to show you some cool fireworks/sparklers pictures!

yeah, i know, LOTS of them. but i love them all.
take a look? i bet you'll like them.

p.s., if you tell me which one you like best, and leave an email, i'll send you a free print of it. (size depends on croppings. they all started out about 10x7.5, but some are smaller now.)

p.p.s., 4th row from the bottom, first picture? my favourite picture of my sister, hands down, of all time, ever. :D

So, a couple titles had to change

because apparantly Fruit of the Loom has the word "underoo" under both ® + ©.

so. these two pieces

are no longer "Underoo Lovin'". they're now taunting you because they can see your undies. :P

new titles :: I See London, I See France (i can see you prance in your pants) and I See London, I See France (i can see you dance in your manse)

so if you're searching for the old titles, they aren't there. remember to keep yer undies covered! (or buy these, and display them to all. :P )

a weird dream

it was one of those dreams that happens when you're only about 1/4 awake.
you have a vague awareness of the fact that you're awake, but mostly, you're still asleep.

it all started with me in the dining room of the house. i think i was getting ready to leave for school. it was bright, birds were singing, and baby was begging to be let in. ergo, morningtimes. next thing i know, i'm running upstairs, looking for someone. an older couple (not my parents), apparently.

after looking all over the upstairs (4 rooms + closets), i found them. in my parent's closet. in the drawers of a dresser that my grandfather built before i was born. ( O.o i know.)

i was, at this point, worried that someone would find us all, and we'd get deported or something. so i stood on the dresser top to get into the crawlspace to hide. (i must have been desperate, as i'm kinda claustrophobic, so to willingly get into a [possibly-bat-infested] tiny, smelly, hot, probably-damp, place? the devil himself must have been after me [or i must have thought he was.].)

at this point, i think i know it's a dream, because, though my parents do have a dresser in their closet, i've realised that 1, there's no mess in the house, and 2, the closet is REALLY well lit by daylight. i pull the foldaway ladder from the ceiling, and, instead of opening out into the closet, it opens toward the wall. (O.o) i try to start climbing it without it being all the way folded out (i'm in a hurry, apparently), but the plywood that holds the ladder starts to rip/shred, so i fold the ladder back up and start looking around for somewhere else to hide.

at this point, i seem pretty desperate, and i'm still standing on the dresser. in full view of my parent's bedroom. which is the wrong color and has bigger windows. (O.o) i look to my right, where there SHOULD be a solid wall, and instead, i see a staircase. this staircase doesn't exist in reality, so at this point, i'm damn SURE it's a dream, and i act accordingly.

i move the white wire grating that seems to enclose the end of the staircase, and step through to the landing. i close the grate behind me. i sit down on the bottom step, and i pick up some books. there's an awful lot of sunlight coming from the top of the stairs, so i start clearing books as i go, looking at the titles all the way. (i don't remember many of them, but i think they may have been classics, humour, and scifi. lots of paperbacks.) every time i have about 6 books in my hands, i turn around, and hand them off to someone. i don't know what they look like (i can't see their face), but they're an older woman. (gramma? i dunno.) i'm not worried anymore, and i'm not nervous, or thinking someone's out to get me.

i get to the top of the stairs, and there's a rather large attic.

it's about the size of the attic in our old duplex, but it's seriously finished, instead of semi-finished. it's got white drywalled walls and ceiling, and plush beige carpeting throughout. and HUGE windows! it's beautiful in there, and i've come up right in the middle. standing at the top of the stairs, i look to my right, and there's a little dining area, which leads into a nice galley kitchen, a little like my sister's apartement's kitchen. straight in front is a nice bank of windows with a little occasional table under, and i can see the garage roofline. to the left, a living room area, with some kind of frenchdoors at the end. (i never go over there, so i'm unsure of what the rest of the room looks like!)

now, i'm talking to someone down in mom's closet, though, what's being said i can't remember. i go into the kitchen, and pull a piece of art off the wall, complete with a really cool ceramic hanging brace, and rehang it next to the windows on the living room side.

i go to sit on the sill of the now-open windows that overlook the garage, and look outside.
there's our old van (a maroon voyager) sitting in the drive, and the houses across the street seem to have disappeared. i look back into the attic/apartement, and...

the dream ends.

this dream?

New Look! New Look!

what do you think?

i was going for an accompaniment to my etsy shop.
the colors there are red, black, and white, because i like simplicity.

i like the way that, in this layout, my shop thingy gets a special box all it's own, and a special background color. makes it seem special. ^.^

i'm still not totally sold on the background that i've chosen, so that may change, but it may grow on me. ^.^

also, i feel almost like a should put something down in the footer, but i've got nothing to put there. O.o

oh well.

what do you think? yay or nay? (and a reason why, if you can find one?)


What's on the Other Side ..... ?

the other side of the rainbow, that is.

a series of photographs, with rainbows inside.

clickie on the piccie, it's a linkie. ^.^-b


Recipe Cards - An Experiment

so, originally, when the recipe cards were listed, they were done in packs (25, 50, 100).

while they're quite adorable, they don't seem to have interested anyone.
now, kitty's quite fond of them, and so am i, so we don't really understand what's up.
but, we've had a lot of luck with self-printed items, so we're trying again. this time they're PYO (Print Your Own).

also, we're pretty sure that they didn't work so well the first time because we only had 2 options listed, and they're both obscenely pink (there's nothing wrong with pink, per se, but that color appeals to a very small audience). so, kitty's gonna list the other designs she's got ready, and hopefully it'll go better this time around.

wish us luck! :D
~yobo an' kitty

Kitty was on etsy's front page!

yaaaay! :D

here's the list that made it ::
Curated by lunarbelle

isn't it cute?

and on the plus side, we now know what the moth is! :D
it's a Polyphemus moth, and kitty thinks that ours was a girl.
--> here's a link to the wiki on the moths :: [link]

so, thanks to lunarbelle for putting me in such a nice treasury, and thanks to etsy for putting it on the frontpage!

(oh, and thanks to CandySpaceship for telling kitty what the moth was. ^.^-b )
(if you click on the picture of the list, it'll take you to craftcult's vault, and the listings are clickable there.)

newness for aceos!

so, i went shopping today, and i found some super cool surprises.
well, ok, only 1 surprise, but there's multiples of them, so mleh. *sticking out tongue*

i found ACEO frames! they were super cheap too. only 1.00.
i saw them at the checkout lane, and was like ' O.O! ACEO frames!'. loudly.
so i promptly bought 5. i thought it only fitting, given my exclamation...

anyway, all this is by way of saying that:
ACEOs can now be shipped with a frame, if you'd like one.
it's pewter colored, and lets the ACEO sit on your desktop.
that way, you don't have to punch holes in it with pushpins. ^.^-b

one catch: you'll have to tell me that you want the frame for it.

but i won't charge you for it. they were so cheap, that it's not worth it.

here's my ACEOs, if you're curious:

i like the petunias the best. ^.^-b
clickie on the piccies, 'cause they're linkies.

Newsit-yNews News

or something like that anyway. :p

kitty has started expanding her offerings digitalis* into the Graduation Announcement sector of things.

her first few are the following:

click on the pix to see the listings. ^.^

these are the 'print them yourself' kind. they're 4x4inches, and blank backed, so they can be sent like postcards! (saves you postages.) they're pretty awesome, frankly, and really, if the number of people you need to send them to is larger than say, 50, these are pretty cool, since you can fit 4 on a sheet. (4 · 2 = 8inches, and standard paper is 8x11. [40 would be 10 sheets] you just have to cut them apart.) also, there's 2 files that get emailed to you: 1st is a straight announcement, 2nd is an announcement + party invite. no need for envelopes because it's all on one page!

also, if you haven't got a printer or the paper, or you're too busy, kitty can print them for you. just tell her before you purchase. ^.^

*yes, kitty is aware that this means 'finger offerings' she just likes the irony.