so what's my favourite thing to do, you ask?

well, actually, you didn't ask, but guess what?
it's a good thing i like photo knitting.
because i've been doing that a lot lately.

here's 3 examples ::

 want to see some in progress of that last one?
here's where i started (with the after for perspective) ::

here's after an hour ::

 and i really actually LIKE doing this.

would you pay someone to knit a bunch of photos for you?
because i would love to get paid to do this.


help me narrow these down, yeah?

i'm starting a site design for a client (omg, what? paid work? O.o) and they have a beach-glass-based business, so they want a beachy feel for the site. makes sense, right? she also mentioned coral and aqua. ok. ... this is why i HAVE that palatte board on pinterest, right? i mean, come ON, just how many beach-like palattes can there be?

oh wait. don't answer that. ^^;

i have it narrowed down to 6. that's right, 6.
want to help me narrow it down further?

which do you like best? ~kitty


for no other reason than my own enjoyment. ^.^

enjoy! :D

p.s., no, i don't know what it's made of..... i think it was hair. it was in the sink. hence, sinktopus was born.

I made a pretty website!

that i don't own, and that doesn't belong to any of my family members.

i feel so semi-professional now. :D

wanna seeeeeeee it?
'tis here ::
isn't it so pretty? i'm super proud of it, too.
i forgot to take a "before" shot, though. whoops. oh well.
just trust me when i say that my design is much prettier and much more sleek.

coquette, of coquette bath & home (the owner) loves it, which is the most important part evarz.
it's a bonus plan that everyone who's looked at it has said some variation on "i love it! it looks so professional!".
i'm especially happy that the site matches the packaging design that coquette has, it makes for a perfect tie-in, which is exactly what you want. a business's "brand" is what the whole of their business looks like, and that includes packaging, website(s), photos, and even adverting/editorial copy.
i think coquette's site now definitely adds to her brand, and makes a good tie-in for her packaging with the rest of her look.

what do you think of it?