Recipe Cards - An Experiment

so, originally, when the recipe cards were listed, they were done in packs (25, 50, 100).

while they're quite adorable, they don't seem to have interested anyone.
now, kitty's quite fond of them, and so am i, so we don't really understand what's up.
but, we've had a lot of luck with self-printed items, so we're trying again. this time they're PYO (Print Your Own).

also, we're pretty sure that they didn't work so well the first time because we only had 2 options listed, and they're both obscenely pink (there's nothing wrong with pink, per se, but that color appeals to a very small audience). so, kitty's gonna list the other designs she's got ready, and hopefully it'll go better this time around.

wish us luck! :D
~yobo an' kitty

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