a new project idea

whilst rummaging around in the detritus of the house (as cats are wont to do), kitty discovered this:
it's a "Vision Simulator Card" from the Ohio Optemetric Association.
being the creative girl she is, kitty thought it might be neat to take a series of photographs using this.

maybe a series of every day tasks (like, for instance, making breakfast), but with each of the 5 filters used.

the filters it has:
normal vision - healthy eyesight

macular degeneration - loss of central vision, causing a blank spot in the center of vision

diabetic retinopathy - new blood vessels grow along the retina, causing vision to seem blurred by white flakes

glaucoma - fluid pressure increases within the eye, causing a kind of tunnel vision


cataracts - clouding of the eye lens, causing a milky film to cover vision.

the reason being, kitty has always been vaguely obsessed with how people see, and eyes in general, and often wonders how people see when there is something wrong with their eyes.

kitty herself is nearsighted, and wears glasses to drive and see farther than the other end of the dining table clearly. it took her until sophomore year of high school to realise that there was something wrong with her eyes. she thought everyone saw the way she does. it simply never occurred to her that the board was not blurry for everyone. (no really, it never occurred. kitty can be kind of selectively stupid like that sometimes.)

so, here's the question:
good idea? back to the scratching post?
any questions?

photo safari!

kitty went on a photo safari today!

she took about 100 photos and videos total.

a lot of them are for different series' that she's planning, but a few were just random "oo, pretty!" shots.

some of them are below (i just put links because there's a lot of them.) :





so, kitty'll be having new postcards in her shop soon!
sets of them!

(p.s., kitty hassa sunburn too, even though she was wearing sunscreen. it HURTS!)

The First Melon of Critique

well, ok, so it's a photo and not a melon, but we don't care.

ok, so:

a little info about the picture:
it was taken a little before sundown on a summer day
it's a big old tree the borders a local school

a little about what's been done to it:
slight color correction
increased vibrancy
increased saturation levels

so, please tell kitty:
do you like it?
do you not like it?
why not?
what you think it needs?


Blog for Kitty!

Kitty's finally gotten her act together (with the help of her sister, notubóc!), and gotten her blog up and going!

this is where she's going to post photos that she's taken (but doesn't want to sell), digital stuff that she's made, and things that she'd like crititques or comments on.

in this, kitty's official post, she wanted to be sure to say this:



yes, we think that about covers it.

stay tuned for posties!
(they're like pasties, but less sticky, and don't cover up nipples.)