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or something like that anyway. :p

kitty has started expanding her offerings digitalis* into the Graduation Announcement sector of things.

her first few are the following:

click on the pix to see the listings. ^.^

these are the 'print them yourself' kind. they're 4x4inches, and blank backed, so they can be sent like postcards! (saves you postages.) they're pretty awesome, frankly, and really, if the number of people you need to send them to is larger than say, 50, these are pretty cool, since you can fit 4 on a sheet. (4 · 2 = 8inches, and standard paper is 8x11. [40 would be 10 sheets] you just have to cut them apart.) also, there's 2 files that get emailed to you: 1st is a straight announcement, 2nd is an announcement + party invite. no need for envelopes because it's all on one page!

also, if you haven't got a printer or the paper, or you're too busy, kitty can print them for you. just tell her before you purchase. ^.^

*yes, kitty is aware that this means 'finger offerings' she just likes the irony.

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