a foul plan's afoot!

it's not mine feet, i just vashed them!

if you know where that's from, you get cookies.

in other words, however, there will be changes in the store soon!

first newsies :: To Do list pads!
these are planned for october, probably early to mid.
there's going to be 2 sizes. a super huge 8.5x5.5, and a smaller 4x5. however, due to printing sillies and paper sizes, those dimensions might change. there'll be a few designs to choose from (on the left is the Washington Monument some little sushis), and if you'd like to test them for me, leave a comment with an email! ^.-

second newsies :: i'm planning on making and offering super cool homemade postit notes!
they'll be 2x2, and if i'm lucky, they'll come with a pad of 4x4 cardstock notecards, in coordinating designs. doesn't that just make you feel so awesome and special? you could have postits and notecards that would totally match your room, or even your business. i think that's pretty awesome, anyway. these are planned for late october, because they're a bit more labour-intesive than the list pads.

that's all for now!
ciao, miao!


  1. Ooo, cool! Testing?? thefrogbag@gmail.com is a lovely email address!

  2. Sherlock Holmes? (cookies! i want cookies!)

    and germehan@gmail.com is an even better address! :o)

  3. hahaha, they're both great addresses, actually. :D

    i'll email you both soon.

    and sorry buggie, that's not from sherlock holmes.
    think sillier.