newness for aceos!

so, i went shopping today, and i found some super cool surprises.
well, ok, only 1 surprise, but there's multiples of them, so mleh. *sticking out tongue*

i found ACEO frames! they were super cheap too. only 1.00.
i saw them at the checkout lane, and was like ' O.O! ACEO frames!'. loudly.
so i promptly bought 5. i thought it only fitting, given my exclamation...

anyway, all this is by way of saying that:
ACEOs can now be shipped with a frame, if you'd like one.
it's pewter colored, and lets the ACEO sit on your desktop.
that way, you don't have to punch holes in it with pushpins. ^.^-b

one catch: you'll have to tell me that you want the frame for it.

but i won't charge you for it. they were so cheap, that it's not worth it.

here's my ACEOs, if you're curious:

i like the petunias the best. ^.^-b
clickie on the piccies, 'cause they're linkies.

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