Trying something new

well, new-ish.

Camera for Kitty now has a soopsee account. it's not as pretty as the blog, but it's close, and that's what counts, i think.

it's free, so i figured "Why Not?", and couldn't think of an answer, so there it is.

or rather, [here it is].

there's also a funky green thing over there in the grey box. looks a little like a paint splatter, ne? i think we might have to change how that looks. the green just doesn't work with all the red, quite frankly. i already have an idea for how that should look, so it'll probably be decidedly not green by the end of the night.

please, feel free to comment and tell me what you think of it! i can't decide if i like it or not.

i don't like that i'd have to pay to have sections, but it's still cheaper than etsy itself, so maybe i will when i get dollars. or maybe i'll just buy a whole friggin' website for it. i know how to do all that anyway, and it's hella cheaper than etsy overall (if you wants a site, and know how to blog, email me! i can probably help you with that.).

at any rate. tell me what you think?

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