what should i do with things that don't sell?

the photographs, i just put them away for another day,
and with jewelry i tend to just take the pieces apart and use the parts for other things.

but what am i supposed to do with graphics that don't sell?
on etsy (i don't sell graphics on artfire), my "expired listings" page is chock full of graphics that haven't sold.
i tend to only let the graphics stay for 3 renewals, which is a year. (4-month listing times x 3 times = 12 months)

so really, i'm kind of stuck.
because i like the graphics. i made them, of course i like them.
some of them are etsy sets, some of them are business cards, some of them include both.

i'm thinking i might just give them away.
the more simple sets, just a really simple "do you wants it? be poster #x".
the more complicated ones maybe have the give-them-away a little more complicated.

so, the first thing i'm going to give away is «drumroll plz»

The Houndstooth Toad
a double-sided business card, with houndstooth pattern falling off both sides.
on the front, there's a nice green froggie in the corner, keeping your text company.

the text can say absolutely anything you'd like. i plan on emailing not just the finished .pngs/.jpgs, but i'll be sending the .psd (photoshop file) as well.

to win ::


i'll do a randomly number generated draw at about this time tomorrow.
so remember, the more comments you make, the better chance you've to win.


since there were only 2 entries, i had my brother do eenie-meanie-miny-moe, and the winnar is ::


off to email the winnar~ :D


  1. You just KNOW I had to comment here! Love it!

  2. Super adorable giveaway!!!

    greenvolcomlion at yahoo dot com