Fira-Werkin! :D

nearly a full month since my last writing, and rather late for the 4th of July (i even missed Bastille Day! :O), kitty and i are back to show you some cool fireworks/sparklers pictures!

yeah, i know, LOTS of them. but i love them all.
take a look? i bet you'll like them.

p.s., if you tell me which one you like best, and leave an email, i'll send you a free print of it. (size depends on croppings. they all started out about 10x7.5, but some are smaller now.)

p.p.s., 4th row from the bottom, first picture? my favourite picture of my sister, hands down, of all time, ever. :D


  1. sure you can, buggie, she's just mostly in the shadow! :D it's a cool shot!