the wondering gripes

i has them.

what are the wondering gripes? they're wonderings that double as complaints.


why does the ink never run out all at the same time? (ok, i know why it doesn't, but really? what the hell!?)

is it possible that there's some kind of world conspiracy that no papercutter ever is actually plumb and square? because i have 2, and my sister has like 80, and none of them are actually both plumb and square. they ALL cut on an angle.
(to wit - the fuh?!?)

does anyone else's blogger, when writing/editing entries, do this?
when i hit enter, to go to the next line, the caret (little vertical line indicating where the typing will happen) ends up back at the start of the first line, but the typing happens where it should. what's up with that?!

also, why does printer ink have to cost so damn much? really. i have a 5 color printer.
each thin little bar of ink is 16 and change. 16 times 5 is a lot (~82), is all i'm saying.

who told all these people that they can do what i do? (and for some: who told them they had any talent for it? O.o ) who told ME i had any talent for what i do? (i really can't remember if anyone ever did. not sure anyone did, except saying 'ooooh, pretty, yobo!' when i showed them what i made.)

why won't my xmas-ornament tree idea work? the idea is sound, but the execution is apparantly terrible. so it's not a tree anymore, it'll be a garland. and i'll once again be covered in red craft herpes*.

25 is really too much for a handmade telescope? really? (i think it's too cheap, even though the 'scope is made of cardboard. it took me a lot of time and work to make that!)

why is it that a 1 and three-quarters inch paper punch doesn't seem to exist? i kind of need one. like, a lot. (as in, before i have to take an xacto knife to my earring cards again, goddamnit.)

when will i ever learn to leave well enough alone? (this applies to both papercutting and dealing with people.)

is a mindreader? because when i turn it on, it tends to have the song currently stuck in my head as it's first one up.

why do i only ever remember my clear labels and my printer after i've started writing? (my handwriting is useless. it's this nearly unintelligible scrawl. i've been told i should be a physician so that i have an excuse for the penmanship. [i'm not joking.])

that's all the wondering gripes i've got for now.

actually, 1 more :: why is it 1antimeridian? i gotta go sleep. (damnit.)

*glitter is the herpes of the craft world.

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