of updates and castles in the sky

of updates:
so, i've started updating the shop more often! :D
still haven't gotten ALL of the 'Playground' series uploaded yet, but i'm workin' on it!
(yobo's having some delays in the form of problems with financial aid [again! >.<]. eventually, yobo will end up killing someone.)

of Castles in the Sky:
kitty's friend Cyndi is opening her etsy shop on Halloween! (also kitty's birthday [yobo's too!] ! )
her shop is called Castle in the Sky and she makes RenFaire garb for kids!
it's all super affordable too.
she'll be specializing in kid's stuff that will grow with them, and she'll be doing made-to-order adult stuff as well.

(kitty would especially like to call attention to miss SkyCastle's graphics, which she made [she's very proud of them, and thinks they're pretty cool.].)

now, kitty and i happen to know that miss Cyndi will most likely be having freeshippings in her shop, but since she's opening on the 31st, there's sure to be LOTS going on elsewhere on etsy (hint hint; kitty's having a hobbit birthday present [so is yobo!] !).

so, overview!

Castle in the Sky:
new etsy store belonging to miss kitty's friend Cyndi
opening Halloween! (oct. 31st y'all)
kids' RenFaire garb
-grows with them
adult garb made to order
free shippings (and i think 10% off as well)

so make sure you'll be there! :D [link]
there's a fanpage : [link]

--kitty and yobo

ok, so it turns out that miss Cyndi didn't manage to open on halloween. she was just too swamped with her own little ones and trick or treating! they got lots of yummie candy though, so it's ok. :D
she'll open soon, and i'll let you know! :D

what's this? a post from kitty?


ok, well, you know how, in that last post, kitty said she was going to be posting those prints soon?

weeeeeeeeeerllllllllllllll, uhm, we had some school-finance-troubles and got way too frustrated to bother with it for a while.

so, the 'This used to be my playground' series is going up now.
in fact: the 1st 4! all 3.5x5" prints.


in the next few days we'll (hopefully!) get the 5x7s and 8x10s up, but since kitty's going to school 5 days a week, this might get pushed to the back burners. (she's trying to be a good girl in school this time, and actually DO her homeworks [novel idea, ne?].)

in other news, kitty's helper-human yobo finally got her website going, so if you want to see it, follow this [link]. it's full of pretty shiny things that she keeps telling me aren't toys...... (i don't really believe her. i mean, how can they NOT be toys!? they're so shiiiiiinnyyyyyyy! >:3 )