help me narrow these down, yeah?

i'm starting a site design for a client (omg, what? paid work? O.o) and they have a beach-glass-based business, so they want a beachy feel for the site. makes sense, right? she also mentioned coral and aqua. ok. ... this is why i HAVE that palatte board on pinterest, right? i mean, come ON, just how many beach-like palattes can there be?

oh wait. don't answer that. ^^;

i have it narrowed down to 6. that's right, 6.
want to help me narrow it down further?

which do you like best? ~kitty


for no other reason than my own enjoyment. ^.^

enjoy! :D

p.s., no, i don't know what it's made of..... i think it was hair. it was in the sink. hence, sinktopus was born.