a weird dream

it was one of those dreams that happens when you're only about 1/4 awake.
you have a vague awareness of the fact that you're awake, but mostly, you're still asleep.

it all started with me in the dining room of the house. i think i was getting ready to leave for school. it was bright, birds were singing, and baby was begging to be let in. ergo, morningtimes. next thing i know, i'm running upstairs, looking for someone. an older couple (not my parents), apparently.

after looking all over the upstairs (4 rooms + closets), i found them. in my parent's closet. in the drawers of a dresser that my grandfather built before i was born. ( O.o i know.)

i was, at this point, worried that someone would find us all, and we'd get deported or something. so i stood on the dresser top to get into the crawlspace to hide. (i must have been desperate, as i'm kinda claustrophobic, so to willingly get into a [possibly-bat-infested] tiny, smelly, hot, probably-damp, place? the devil himself must have been after me [or i must have thought he was.].)

at this point, i think i know it's a dream, because, though my parents do have a dresser in their closet, i've realised that 1, there's no mess in the house, and 2, the closet is REALLY well lit by daylight. i pull the foldaway ladder from the ceiling, and, instead of opening out into the closet, it opens toward the wall. (O.o) i try to start climbing it without it being all the way folded out (i'm in a hurry, apparently), but the plywood that holds the ladder starts to rip/shred, so i fold the ladder back up and start looking around for somewhere else to hide.

at this point, i seem pretty desperate, and i'm still standing on the dresser. in full view of my parent's bedroom. which is the wrong color and has bigger windows. (O.o) i look to my right, where there SHOULD be a solid wall, and instead, i see a staircase. this staircase doesn't exist in reality, so at this point, i'm damn SURE it's a dream, and i act accordingly.

i move the white wire grating that seems to enclose the end of the staircase, and step through to the landing. i close the grate behind me. i sit down on the bottom step, and i pick up some books. there's an awful lot of sunlight coming from the top of the stairs, so i start clearing books as i go, looking at the titles all the way. (i don't remember many of them, but i think they may have been classics, humour, and scifi. lots of paperbacks.) every time i have about 6 books in my hands, i turn around, and hand them off to someone. i don't know what they look like (i can't see their face), but they're an older woman. (gramma? i dunno.) i'm not worried anymore, and i'm not nervous, or thinking someone's out to get me.

i get to the top of the stairs, and there's a rather large attic.

it's about the size of the attic in our old duplex, but it's seriously finished, instead of semi-finished. it's got white drywalled walls and ceiling, and plush beige carpeting throughout. and HUGE windows! it's beautiful in there, and i've come up right in the middle. standing at the top of the stairs, i look to my right, and there's a little dining area, which leads into a nice galley kitchen, a little like my sister's apartement's kitchen. straight in front is a nice bank of windows with a little occasional table under, and i can see the garage roofline. to the left, a living room area, with some kind of frenchdoors at the end. (i never go over there, so i'm unsure of what the rest of the room looks like!)

now, i'm talking to someone down in mom's closet, though, what's being said i can't remember. i go into the kitchen, and pull a piece of art off the wall, complete with a really cool ceramic hanging brace, and rehang it next to the windows on the living room side.

i go to sit on the sill of the now-open windows that overlook the garage, and look outside.
there's our old van (a maroon voyager) sitting in the drive, and the houses across the street seem to have disappeared. i look back into the attic/apartement, and...

the dream ends.

this dream?


  1. odd? maybe. weird? not really. try one that mixes Star Trek's mirror universe and JoAnn's. THAT was weird!

  2. hahaha, ooh, yeah, that'd have been weirder!