Something new, for a change

so i've recently figured out that ::
1- i like graphic design (durp)
2- i like packagings
 2a- i like searching for and looking at packagings

this has led me to a conclusion ::
i should go into package design.
tin tops and earring cards for the Jewelry :ninja!
the packaging for theplushiefoundry
because it's fun for me to design packaging for nearly anything, really.
i'm always looking more at the packagings than at the products themselves, honestly.
i like the graphics on old paint cans from the 60s and 70s, and i like something that is both functional and attractive. i think that the packaging can totally make or break how a piece of art or a gift or even a box of supplies is received.

to that end, if you're in need of a packaging overhaul, i'd love to help you out.
i'll work with you to get your packaging looking awesome, and i'll even search for the required parts and give you a list of what, where, how many, and for how much.

seriously, this is like playtime for me, and i'm not charging anything for this, so if you need/want new packagings, let me know! :D

*leave an email or etsy/artfire username and i'll convo/pm.


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