New Giveaway! Little Green Flowers

so, since the last little giveaway went over so well, i thought we'd try another one!

since it's really cold out, this one is all about flowers and spring-like things!

being given away ::

 a little green flower being held between a thumb and first finger.

well, actually a banner and avatar with that stock photo on them.
both banner and avatar are made for etsy, so they're 760x100 and 75x75, respectively.

the winner will receive ::
both the .jpg/.png files and the .psd (photoshop) files.
if needed, i can alter the files for the winner and send the finished ones (like if you can't alter photoshop files.)

to enter the giveaway ::
¤ comment here and tell me your favourite flower.
¤ tell me why, if you like.
¤ if you don't have a favourite flower, tell me why not!
¤ make sure to leave a way to contact you (twitter usernames are fine.)

i will use the Random Number Generator (again) to draw the winner on the 6th, at about this time (around 11p eastern standard).

you can comment more than once, if you have more than 1 favourite flower. ^.^-b

so, giveaway STAHT-O!

***editorial note :: this uses, to my knowledge, fully released stock photo.

the winnar is :: #2! :D

miss eclairre and her honeysuckles get a cute new banner and avatar! ^__^
*off to email*

don't worry if you weren't the winnar, i've got lots of cuteness to give away still!


  1. Mine is the Pikake. I love the fragrance and it reminds me of all the wonderful vacations with family to Hawaii.

    krista dot rowles at usbank dot com

  2. eclairre(at)ymail(dot)com

    I've always liked Honeysuckles. I remember my mom showing me that they have a slight taste of honey, and i thought they were the coolest flowers ever after that. lol

  3. My favorite flower is the day lilly. :)

  4. I LOVE kiwis! These are really cute.

    Cerena Leigh