All Your Base Are Belong To Us.

or ambition, maybe. or something like that.
i just feel a little funny, since i keep posting only giveaways, and no "normal" posts.
i know, normal? that's so totally not kitty.
here's kitty

here's normal.

LOTS of room in there, i know.
and really, i've nothing to talk about, i just felt bad that this place hasn't had an update since january. ^.^;;;;;

i've got lots to do, and i've gotta get going on some letter pillows that i told a friend i could make her.
gotta email her first though. i should do that.

got a website to make for a different friend. gotta email her back about that. i should do that too.

got to get theplushiefoundry's new shop up and running.

got a paper to correct/finish. i should get on that.

got lots of apathy, apparantly, since i'm sitting here going "yup, i should do that. *stare into space* ". .... yeah.

apparantly all i want to do is sit and stare and listen to music all day.
gotta stop that, no time for it.

*tries to motivate self*
*tries again*


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