what's this? a post from kitty?


ok, well, you know how, in that last post, kitty said she was going to be posting those prints soon?

weeeeeeeeeerllllllllllllll, uhm, we had some school-finance-troubles and got way too frustrated to bother with it for a while.

so, the 'This used to be my playground' series is going up now.
in fact: the 1st 4! all 3.5x5" prints.


in the next few days we'll (hopefully!) get the 5x7s and 8x10s up, but since kitty's going to school 5 days a week, this might get pushed to the back burners. (she's trying to be a good girl in school this time, and actually DO her homeworks [novel idea, ne?].)

in other news, kitty's helper-human yobo finally got her website going, so if you want to see it, follow this [link]. it's full of pretty shiny things that she keeps telling me aren't toys...... (i don't really believe her. i mean, how can they NOT be toys!? they're so shiiiiiinnyyyyyyy! >:3 )

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